Common sense and good judgement can prevent many accidents from occuring but it is important to apply them. Furthermore, our houses are not made for birds and may contain many traps that we must be aware of.

-   Doors and windows are all ways that your parrot can use to escape if its wings are not clipped.

-  Windows without curtains may attract birds that can be injured by crashing into them in flight

-   House plants are not all safe: some may be toxic and you must make sure that the birds cannot access them. You can find the list of toxic plants at the Toxic Plants page.

-  The bathroom door must always be closed to keep the bird from drowning in the toilet if the seat is not covered.

-   Cooking, cleaning the oven, cleaning products, paint, cigarette smoke, etc. give out toxic fumes tham may be harmful to birds.

-  Dogs and cats, as gentle as they may seem, can injure the bird in play and inflict wounds that can be fatal if not treated by a veterinarian within 24 to 48 hours.